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Makizushi - Roll

  • Avocado Roll or Cucumber Roll or Asparagus Roll

    Avocado Roll or Cucumber Roll or Asparagus Roll
  • Spicy Krab Roll

    –Krab stick, avocado and spicy mayo
  • Spicy Salmon Roll

    –Mixed salmon with spicy mayo,cucumber,scallion
  • Salmon Skin Roll

    –Fried salmon skin,scallion topped with eel sauce
  • Eel Roll

    –Grilled eel and cucumber topped with eel sauce
  • Tanzana Roll

    –Yellow tail,avocado,asparagus,scallion and masago
  • Miami Roll

    –Fried snapper,avocado,cucumber, spicy mayo, masago with eel sauce on top
  • Shrimp tempura Roll

    –Shrimp tempura,avocado,asparagus,masago
  • Rainbow Roll

    –California Roll with rainbow of fish on top
  • Dancing Eel

    –California roll with grill eel on top with eel sauce
  • Crazy Roll

    –Grill eel, salmon skin, avocado, asparagus, scallion and masago with eel sauce on top
  • Spicy Tuna Roll

    –Mixed Tuna with spicy mayo,cucumber,scallion,sasami seed
  • California Roll

    –Krab stick,avocado,cucumber and masago, sasami seed
  • Krab Roll or Shrimp Roll

  • Vegetable Roll

    –Assorted vegetable
  • Tuna or Escolar or Salmon Roll

  • Negihama

    –Yellow tail and Scallion
  • JB Roll

    –Salmon, cream cheese and scallion
  • Boston Roll

    –Shrimp,avocado,cucumber,lettuce and mayo
  • Dynamite Roll

    –Mixed seafood baked in spicy may topped with eel sauce
  • Salmon Crunch

    –Salmon,krab stick,asparagus tempura style (no rice)
  • Futomaki

    –Krab stick, tamago,kampyo,asparagus,cucumber,spinach and masago
  • Daimyo Roll

  • Beauty & Beast Roll

    Beauty & Beast Roll –A half tuna and half eel and vegetable