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Fish, Squid, Duck, Desserts

  • Mermaid in the Red Sea (Fillet)

    -Deep fried filleted snapper with red curry
  • Duck Curry

    -1/2 Duck, deep fried on top of red curry sauce
  • Bluefin Duck

    -1/2 Duck, deep fried and topped with Volcano Chili Sauce
  • Squid Basil

    -Squid sautéed with basil, bell peppers, hot chili and onion
  • Garlic Squid

    -Squid sautéed with garlic, black pepper, and sherry wine, Served on a bed of steamed vegetables
  • Garlic Snapper (Fillet)

    -Deep fried filleted snapper with garlic sauce.
  • Ginger Snapper (Fillet)

    -Deep fried filleted snapper topped with ginger, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper and scallions.
  • Volcano Mermaid (Fillet)

    Volcano Mermaid (Whole Sapper) -Deep fried filleted red snapper topped with chili sauce
  • Steaming Mermaid (Fillet)

    -Snapper fillet steamed with fresh ginger, celery and scallions
  • Ginger Duck -1/2 Duck

    , deep fried and topped with ginger, onion mushrooms, Scallion and bell pepper